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Call costs for 08 numbers?

Please note that this article has been superceeded by regulatory changes introduced by Ofcom in July 2015. Please click here to view the latest information.

How much does it cost to call an 08 number?

There is a lot of confusion in the UK about what the call costs are to an 08 number… and we can certainly see why! Depending on whether you are calling from a BT Landline, a Virgin Media Landline, a Sky Landline or a Mobile Phone; calls to the same 08 number can result in vastly different call costs. This becomes especially true on calls of a longer duration due to the fact that all calls a billed at a pence per minute rate. For example, a 20 minute call to a customer service department can cost anywhere from nothing to over eight pounds just based on which phone is in your hand! And what is the difference between 0843 and 0844? What's the difference between 0871 and 0845? Is it a Local call or is it a LoCall Call? What a minefield! With so many factors to consider, so much confusing terminology and legislation that changes year on year it would impossible for us to keep this page completely up-to-date, but what we can provide are a few basic tips on how to avoid getting overcharged for calling an 08 number.

BT or not BT. That is the Question.

If you are not calling from a BT Landline and you see statements like: "call costs from other networks may vary" or "calls from mobiles may be considerably more"; please take note. It is not a matter of being evasive and does not necessarily mean that you are going to get ripped off, but the only people who can tell you what the call costs will actually be is you own network provider as these are the people who will be charging you. If you are in any doubt, I would encourage you to speak to them before making a call to any 08 number. If you are calling from a BT Landline, things get a little easier because the owner of the 08 Number can accurately state the call costs for their number. Whenever you see a phrase like "calls cost 10 pence per minute (ppm)", this is always the cost of the call when dialled from a BT Landline. It is worth noting that for some 08 numbers (such as 0871 numbers), there is a legal obligation to state the call costs. But this does not hold true for all 08 numbers, so there will undoubtedly be times when you literally have no idea what the call costs will be.

Call Costs… What Are They?

You should always be wary of calling 08 numbers where the cost to a BT Landline is not explicitly stated, because the call costs can vary wildly – even from a BT Landline. For example, dialling a number with the prefix 0844 can cost anything between 2p and 13p per minutes from a landline – and there's no way of knowing which end of the scale you're going to be at unless the call cost is publicised.

Our 08 Numbers

Now that you've read this, it's worth telling you how much it costs to call our 08 numbers. For starters, we only use carefully selected 0843 Numbers on our website in order to keep the call costs at a reasonable level. All calls to numbers on this website are fixed at 5 pence per minute from a BT Landline. This means that it is often cheaper to call our contact numbers than any other 08 numbers that you may find on other websites (including the official company websites). We believe in absolute transparency and fairness to the consumer. If you know what it costs, it's your call. For a full breakdown of how much it costs to call an 08 number (or any other number) please download the official OFCOM document by clicking here. This information was correct as of August 2013.